Vagrant Records - 2003 - 45 minutes

They just don't do metal like they used to. If you don't remember the heyday of AC/DC, Slayer or Metallica, than sadly what scrapes by as metal these days is the likes of Blink 182, Sum 41 and now, Alkaline Trio. You won't find legendary riffs ripe to be sampled by hip-hop, nothing to get the adrenalin pumping. Bands of white boys playing mediocre guitar are the pretenders of nu-metal, a tag slyly appropriated just because they shout their inanities.

The chorus of opener 'This Could be Love' goes like this: "Step one: slit my throat, step two: play in my blood". Right-o. The expensive packaging consists of farcical, 'I'm in pain, me' lyrics on expensive paper with embossed images of headstones and graveyard statues. You get the predictable picture. You see, these guys may think they're the warlords of darkness but after you've been put through the publicity machine, you end up sounding like bad stadium rock.

It's not dark, it's not wrist-slashing stuff, it's lightweight rock that wishes it was death-metal. Realistically, we're in three-chords-and-the-truth territory here with the odd ropey guitar solo thrown in. But wait! It's not finished yet! There are two bonus tracks 'Dead End Road' and 'Old School Reasons' - if you haven't already garrotted yourself in boredom.

Sinéad Gleeson

Tracklisting: This Could Be Love - We've Had Enough - One Hundred Stories - Continental - All on Black - Emma - Fatally Yours - Every Thug Needs A Lady - Blue Carolina - Donnes Party (All Night) - If We Never Go Inside - Blue In The Face