Loose - 2003 - 33 minutes

"Debut solo album from Mudhoney guitarist", reads the sticker on the front - but Turner's record deserves to sell on its own merits. In the past he pulled the strings on classics like 'Touch Me I'm Sick', 'You Got It' and 'In 'N' Out of Grace' but here he trades the garage for the backporch and musings about age and experience.

Backed by bandmate drummer Dan Peters and Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard on bass, the songs mix country and folk, offsetting the jaunty 'I Want You in My Arms' and 'Not Only You' with the tanked up lows of 'New Years Day and dead friends lament of 'Nothing But the Blues'.

Tellingly, the only two tracks that don't work are covers - a sign of solo class, which suggests that brighter times lie ahead for Turner himself than the ones he's singing about. As for the title, you don't have to look too far.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: The Idiot Blues - Living Through the Mistakes -Searching for Melody - I You in My Arms - Smart Operator - Not Only You - Sometimes I'm Wrong - Nothing But the Blues - You, My Girl - I'm 37 - Instro 1 - New Years Day - Take Care - Last Call