Wet Clay - 2003 - 44 minutes

If Woodstar own copies of Mercury Rev's 'Deserter's Songs', the track 'Holes' probably has lots of scratches. That may sound harsh but it's meant as a compliment because on their debut they regularly reach the level of high drama that song did so well.

In eleven songs, three of them are rockers, but the other nine know what a force gentle can be. The long sigh of opener 'Sorry Skin' is difficult to move past but you have to so you can end up fighting yourself about whether it, 'Control' or the title track is the best song here. And for the pleasure of settling that argument alone, 'Life Sparks' is worth every heartbreak minute.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Sorry Skin - Dumb Punk Song - Control - Life Sparks, Red Flame - Suicide Way - Through Our Lives - The King - Can't Let Go of Anything - These Scars - Time to Bleed - The Sky