Spitfire - 2003 - 45 minutes

2002: no deal, no drummer, audiences increasingly pushed towards the next big thing and yet a year later you roar back with an album to blow both the doubters and fans away.

Therapy? have made some fine records since 1994's 'Troublegum' but 'High Anxiety' puts it up to their career centrepiece in the most aggressive way possible. This is the greatest hits you've never heard as Andy Cairns & Co roll riffs and grooves, force and focus into one continuous rush.

Rock forbid, but if they decided to call it a day after this they'd have a swangsong that other bands could make themselves deaf trying to follow up. That won't happen, though because great as what they've done here is, it's still too good to be a last act of defiance. No worries indeed.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Hey Satan: You Rock - Who Knows - Stand in Line - Nobody Here But Us - Watch You Go - If It Kills Me - Not in Any Name - My Voodoo Doll - Limbo - Last Blast - Rust - Never Ending