Domino - 2003 - 43 minutes

"When they make the movie of your life," sings Bill Callahan on brilliant opener 'Feather by Feather', "they're going to have to ask you to do your own stunts". Callahan's biopic would include black humour, eleven albums and fans that can't see why he isn't bigger.

The current chapter has him cherishing a more country sound: tasteful guitar picking, some tender duets, a little honky tonk rockin' and the listener's growing feeling that it's a fine companion piece to Will Oldham's recent 'Master and Everyone'.

The production values and atmospherics once again sound as if it was recorded with mics placed in Callahan's head, a process that makes you feel uncomfortable on the throbbing, stalker-ish narrative of 'Ambition' and on 'Driving', where it sounds as if a church congregation and band have decided they'd prefer different hymn sheets. Elsewhere however, you'll lick the plate clean.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Feather by Feather - Butterflies Drowned in Wine - Morality - Ambition - Vessel in Vain - Truth Serum - Our Anniversary - Driving - A Guiding Light