Tigerbeat 6 - 2003 - 76 minutes

Soulwax's '2 Many DJs' was probably the album of last year, its infectious mixture of the Stooges and Destiny's Child pounding out of shops and bars wherever you went. They eventually fell foul of legal trouble and were forced to remove the album from the shelves, but the popularity of mashed-up mix albums remains as strong as ever.

DJ Rupture's take on the genre is a bewitching, distracting mess that occasionally frustrates but often amazes. In the ultimate post-modern music project, he constructs a coherent flow of sound from snippets of over seventy tracks. Eschewing the school-disco style rock revivalism of Soulwax, Rupture mixes the R'n'B and ragge with snatches of Middle Eastern and African music, all over pounding distorted beats. The resulting screaming avant-garde noise symphonies lack Soulwax's pop sensibility, opting instead to go for the jugular.

On his way he jacks some familiar beats, Timbaland's frenetic junglist backing track for Bubba Sparks' 'Ugly' crops up under a patchwork of Baby Cham, Cutty Ranks and Foxy Brown on track 3, while the magnificently named 'Black Jewish Gays' does battle with Borbetomagus and DJ Mutamassik on track 19.

The cacophony reaches its zenith on 'Rough & Rugged', a sweet reggae song subdued by a blitzkrieg of beats and feedback, before reaching the eye of the storm: a surprisingly respectful mash-up of Roberta Flack's 'Killing Me Softly'.

It is DJ Rupture's unconventional eye for the exotic that makes 'Minesweeper' more than a trendy collection of bespoke bootlegs. Living by the Mediterranean has obviously opened his ears to the sounds of Moroccan music, adding mystery and magic to what is sometimes an ear-melting racket.

A fractured, fierce and fresh compendium of hip-hop, jungle, soul and dark electronic noise, 'Minesweeper Suite' is the perfect antidote to those soporific 'Ibiza Chilled' mix albums.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting:Jibal Al Nuba/Gemini Dub High Resolution/TectonicRumbo Babylon/Limb by Limb (Acappella)/Latoya: Version/Tables Will Turn Untitled A1 {From Nubus}/Ruff Enuff [Instrumenta]/Tables Will Turn [MegSerranito/Froggy/Maffe Rhythm 62 OufBad Man Lighter [Jump Up Mix]/Drums Conductor/Angels: Acapella In Front of YouFallen Angels/Same Time: Acapella/3.37/I Remember Nothing More [DJ/Rupt - Cul de Sac Ballad of Jimmy Hollin [Disco Mix]/Dub Warming/Untitled B2 {From DocileBallad of Jimmy Hollin [Disco Mix]/Dub Warming/Untitled B2 {From Docile Ziggurat/Plain Gold Ring/Untitled b1Untitled B1 {From "Nubus"}/Crossing Kingston Bridge - Joshua Abrams Babomb/Police State: Acapella/Tanzila/Sorath - Dead PrezApna Sangheet Sings Apna Sangheet [Speedy Gonzalez Mix]/Ruled by the Mo - Up from the Underground/EnemyUp from the Underground/Enemy Trash 'N Ready/Discipline of D.E.Show 2 Show [DJ/Rupture Remix]/Untitled {From l'Atlas des Galaxies Etra - Borbetomagus Rough and Rugged/Bloody Nora - AphasicMasturbator/Killing Me Softly Are You That Somebody? (Instrumental)/Brother Hunter/Other Voices 1/Dan - AaliyahMHh04 - I Am Soundboy/We Started This (Acapella)/Everlasting Life