RCA - 2003 - 56 minutes

Cave In's journey from noise gang to big-news-about–to-break status has seen some casualties - namely the fans who couldn't handle the Massachusetts quartet's evolution. It's remote that they'll pick up 'Antenna' either, which sees Cave In edge closer to a big rock sound while still hanging on to plenty of heavy and progressive touches.

As players they are faultless - it's just they need some more memorable songs to show off their talents. Plenty of the tracks on 'Antenna' don't live after they've finished - leaving you with just 'Youth Opposites', 'Beautiful Son' and even the U2-owing 'Youth Overrided' to come back to.

For some this will be a reason to buy and others a reason to avoid but anyone who bought heavy guitar records in the early to mid 90s will know plenty about 'Antenna' before they've even heard it. And for them, closing line "let's all underachieve" will ring very true.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Stained Silver - Inspire - Joy Opposites - Anchor - Beautiful Son - Seafrost - Rubber and Glue - Youth Overrided - Breath of Water - Lost in the Air - Penny Racer - Woodwork