Stockholm Records - 2003 - 54 minutes

The Cardigans are playing lots of festivals this summer. To do right by this record, you hope they'll take every stage as the stars are coming out. Remove current single 'For What it's Worth', the in-waiting 'Live and Learn' and rocker 'A Good Horse' and this is an album that thrives on low light, mistakes and the promise of something more.

The sleek grooves of 'My Favourite Game' or 'Lovefool' seem like a world of lessons away, and the deeper, heart-tugging sound in their place hits and stays longer than anything else they've ever done.

As singer Nina Persson takes her thoughts on love and turns them into open heart surgery, guitarist songwriter Peter Svensson backs them up with arrangements that sway from the beautifully big ('Communication') to hauntingly intimate ('03:45: No Sleep'). Persson undoes his great work with lines like, "I can hear your cannons call, you've been aiming at my land' on 'You're the Storm', but the likes of "we can turn this ditch into a well" and "I'm dating ancient ghosts - the ones I made friend with" are triumphs.

A collection, which even non-Cardigans fans could find hard to resist and one that deserves to mean a lot more to the only one who really counts - you.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Communication - You're the Storm - A Good Horse - And Then You Kissed Me - Couldn't Care Less - Please Sister - For What it's Worth - Lead Me into the Night - Live and Learn - Feathers and Down - O3:45: No Sleep - Hold Me - If There is a Chance