London Records - 2003 - 59 minutes

Her first album in six years, 'Neon Nights' is also the first of a six-album deal for Dannii Minogue, and here it seems the younger sister may be finally giving pop queen Kylie a run for her money.

Sibling comparisons shouldn't have to be inevitable, but the material here leaves no other option. 'For the Record' sounds like the SAW of big sis' 'Locomotion' days, while 'Don't Want to Lose This Feeling' could have been picked up off the studio floor where Kylie's own impressive comeback (2002's 'Fever') was being recorded.

'Put the Needle on it' is a dancy opener reminiscent of that other pop queen - Madonna. 'Creep' is in the same vein and could grow on you, but the album peaks too soon as track three, chart hit 'I Begin to Wonder', is one of the best things here.

'Who Do You Love Now?' (Riva featuring Dannii Minogue) may have paved the way for this comeback, but more bland nods to the 80s ('Mystified') only serve to make the Prince-style static and sighs of tracks like 'Push' stand out. The pop kids of today are cute as they borrow sounds from days of yore, but the niggling feeling here is that Dannii hasn't quite moved on (she's been making albums since 1990). While saucy lyrics ('Vibe On') coupled with the home-made-porn style photo shoot on the inner sleeve, place her firmly outside the teen market.

She sings most of what's here with a forced boppiness that will have you imagining her 'spinning around' and kicking a diamante heel in the air as she tosses a fake giggle over her shoulder at Kylie. After all these years Dannii is still trying to create an identity of her own. This isn't it, but perhaps she's on her way.

Cristín Leach

Tracklisting: Put the needle on it - Creep - I begin to wonder - Hey (so what) - For the record - Mighty fine - On the loop - Push - Mystified - Don't wanna lose this feeling - Vibe on - Piece of time - Who do you love now (Riva & Dannii Minogue) - It won't work out - Come and get it (Sebastian Kreig remix - hidden track) - Who do you love now (video) (Riva & Dannii Minogue) - Put the needle on it (video) - I begin to wonder (video)