Circus - 2003 - 38 mins

One of the quintessential cult bands of the eighties, the Go-Bes were rarely short on critical acclaim but somehow that never really translated into sales. After a 12-year hiatus and several solo releases apiece, Robert Forster and Grant McLennan reunited for 2000's unexpectedly good comeback album 'The Friends of Rachel Worth'. Three years later, they're still together, about to tour and back with new album 'Bright Yellow Bright Orange'.

Recorded in their native Australia, 'Bright Yellow Bright Orange' is choc-full of hummable, summery pop. The formula is still the same - Forster's wry and acutely observed songs juxtaposed with McLennan's melodic sweetness. Opening track 'Caroline & I' is vintage Go-Betweens, tugging at the heartstrings with affectionate nostalgia. 'Mrs Morgan' is another of Forster's small town vignettes, there's some classy guitar interplay - a Go-Between's trademark - throughout and the sweet 'Unfinished Business' ends the album on a solid, if downbeat note.

Although there's a feeling that Forster and McLennan are doing some coasting on 'Bright Yellow Bright Orange', there's still a handful of songs on here that rank up there with their best work. Still intriguing after all these years...

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: Caroline & I - Poison In The Walls - Mrs Morgan - In HerDiary - Too Much - Of One Thing - Crooked Lines - Old Mexico - Make Her Day - Something For Myself - Unfinished Business