Domino - 2003 - 47 minutes

They are few, but there are those who think that like Beck, Pavement should've just let some songs be. They say that their most memorable tracks were the uncluttered likes of 'Here' and 'Major Leagues' and that they ruined others by overcooking the arrangements, throwing curveballs when they weren't needed and generally letting free spirit get in the way of a good chorus.

Pavement's former frontman Malkmus went on to play it straighter with the pop charms of his solo debut in 2001 but this album has more for fans of the skewed sound of his old band than those wowed by his first steps outside them. 'Pig Lib' sees him teaming up again with two of the musicians from last time, adding another one and toughening up what you have to listen to.

It's got folkiness, 60s touches, guitars that aren't reined in and on 'Vanessa From Queens' and 'Craw Song' a beauty that rises above all three. For these two songs alone, 'Pig Lib' is worth the time - just know that they both belong on a more immediate record than this one.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Water and a Seat - Ramp of Death - (Do Not Feed the) Oyster - Vanessa From Queens - Sheets - Animal Midnight - Dark Wave - Witch Mountain Bridge - Craw Song - 1% of One - Us