Setanta - 2003 - 37 minutes

The tragedy of Evan Dando's press (and arguably self) demotion to the status of yesterday's man was not only the fears for his health but how quickly people seemed to forget about his talent. But now, seven years since the last Lemonheads album, that has been brought right back into focus. Serving as both a sigh of relief and cautionary tale, 'Baby I'm Bored' has him getting by with a little help from his friends, including Giant Sand/Calexico personnel Howe Gelb, John Convertino and Joey Burns.

Dando's growth as an artist took him from the fringes of the Boston hardcore scene to 1992's classic grunge antidote 'It's a Shame About Ray' and here he turns his love of country right up on the likes of 'Hard Drive', 'It Looks Like You' and 'Why Do You Do This to Yourself?'.

There's a lazy calm running right through the record, but it's deceptive because lyrics like 'I can't believe how far I slid' and 'This is the love I've always had' seem to point to his wilderness years and yet still manage to be wrapped up in songs, which deserve just as much attention as the '…Ray' material.

A man whose joke that he had spent his time out of the limelight "doing monitors for Enya" would make anyone laugh has now given people the best reason to smile in ages. He's been gone too long but it sounds like he was never away.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Repeat – My Idea – Rancho Santa Fe – Waking Up – Hard Drive – Shots Is Fired – It Looks Like You – The Same Thing You've Thought Hard About Is the Same Part I Can't Live Without – Why Do You Do This to Yourself? – All My Life – Stop My Head – In the Grass All Wine Colored