Equal Vision – 2002 – 55 minutes

Those still wishing for the fury and heart of the much missed At The Drive-In could have a new group to put their faith in - it'll just take them a while to figure it, and them, out. New York's Coheed and Cambria are named after the characters about which lead singer Claudio Sanchez is planning a sci-fi novel and around whom the quartet have based their debut.

A post hardcore concept record, where the band's time changes take as long to figure out as their lyrics, may send you in the direction of the nearest three chord punk rock, but C&C manage to keep you hanging on to the storyline. Sanchez is blessed with a voice that turns the pop meets guitar rock of 'Time Consumer' into a song you just want to play for other people and it's moments like these - when they play it straight (er) - that '…Turbine Blade' really comes alive.

And even when the second half of the album fails to live up to the class of the first, their ability to entice and perplex from verse to verse say Lopez and his fellow big thinkers are ready to escape from the world of word of mouth glory very soon.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Second Stage Turbine Blade - Time Consumer - Devil in Jersey City - Everything Evil - Delirium Trigger - Hearshot Kid Disaster - 33 - Junesong Provision - Neverender - God Send Conspirator