Universal - 2002 - 43 minutes

The attention heaped upon their compatriots The Hives and The Datsuns will hopefully throw some more fans The Helicopters' way. They've been riffing it up since 1994, rivalled only by Rocket From The Crypt in the obscure singles stakes and 'By the Grace of God', their fifth studio album, is probably the best place to start for novices to their sound.

It stirs up Stones swagger with the heads-down delivery of The Ramones and choruses to make vintage KISS pout. The distance they've travelled from the fuzz pedal blur of their debut shines on 'Rainy Days Revisited', where pop rock piano and cool backing vocals give them one of their most memorable tracks so far.

Like many of their born too late peers, the Copters' groove is familiar – but just how hard is it not to love an outfit that can make you sing along to the line "ended up with a donkey when my mind was set on a horse"?

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: By the Grace of God - All New Low - Down on Freestreet - Better Than You - Carry Me Home - Rainy Days Revisited - It's Good But it Just Ain't Right - U.Y.F.S On Time - All I've Got - Go Easy Now - The Exorcist - Pride