Reprise – 2002 – 47 minutes

The Used's vocalist Bert McCracken has recently been stepping out with Kelly Osbourne but it would be a big shame if his time off ended up shifting the focus away from this album.

If you recall the jumps the Deftones made from 'Adrenaline' to 'Around the Fur' and on to 'The White Pony', then it's possible that The Used could tackle such a learning curve too. In between McCracken and bandmates destroying throat and instruments on their debut, there are a clutch of songs and choruses that stay with you even after the briefest listen.

And while the streak of originality may not be too wide (Deftones, Fugazi and latter Faith No More all get nods), the touches of melody and sense of uplift throughout show they haven't spent the last five years just listening to the regulation issue albums. A glow right now, but brighter sounds well within them.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Maybe Memories – The Taste of Ink – Bulimic – Say Days Ago – Poetic Tragedy – Buried Myself Alive – A Box Full of Sharp Objects – Blue and Yellow – Greener with the Scenery – Noise and Kisses – On My Own – Pieces Mended