Sweet Nothing - 2003 - 32 minutes

Detroit dwellers and White Stripes endorsed (Jack White is the roomate of drummer Ben Swank and co-produced their album 'Steal Your Soul and Dare Your Spirit to Move'), the Soledad Brothers take their name from the 70's revolutionaries and their sound from the delta decades before.

Like RL Burnside's 'Burnside on Burnside', 'Live' stirs up rhythms and roughness but makes you wonder if you're listening to old men with a lifetime of club nights racked up or three young ones who really know their history.

In between the slow workouts and souped-up charges, singer Johnny Walker gets into his audience, asks what they got, can they feel it and then tells them to stand-up. He gets the right response to all three - and will from you too.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Stand Up - Break 'Em on Down - Johnny's Death Letter - Going Back to Memphis - Teenage Heart Attack - Up Jumped the Devil - Gospel According to John