Sony - 2002 - 151 minutes

With the amount of Jeff Buckley material currently available, you could be excused for thinking you'd need a record company-sized advance to keep up with it all. But the 'Grace EPs' deserve inspection - especially if you haven't bought concert albums like 'Mystery White Boy' or 'Live at L'Olympia'.

A five-CD collection, the boxed set consists of promos and commercial releases to back up the release of Buckley's debut, 'Grace'. You get a superb mix of 'Dream Brother', a 14-minute version of Alex Chilton's 'Kanga Roo' and covers of Van Morrison and Hank Williams spread across the quintet. And while some tracks have appeared on Mystery...' and 'Olympia', each CD has something to reel you in with the notes by bandmates Michael Tighe and Mick Grondahl giving snapshots of what went on inside and outside the studio.

These CDs originally emerged in print runs from 1,620 to 14,000 so tracking down and then paying for the originals could prove a problem. It's just a shame that you don't get the opportunity to buy each EP separately.

Harry Guerin

Peyote Radio Theatre EP tracklisting: Mojo Pin - Dream Brother (Nag Champa Mix) - Kanga Roo

So Real aka Live at Nighttown EP tracklisting: So Real - Grace - Dream Brother

Live from Bataclan EP tracklisting: Dream Brother - The Way Young Lovers Do - Je N'en Connnais Pas La Fin / Hymne A'lAmour - Hallelujah

The Grace EP tracklisting: Grace - Grace - Mojo Pin - Hallelujah - Tongue

Last Goodbye EP tracklisting: Last Goodbye - Mojo Pin (Chocolate Version) - Kanga Roo - Lost Highway