Sweet Nothing - 2002 - 37 minutes

Detroit Rock City offers up yet another outfit who know their history. In The Sights' case it's power pop, psychedelia and a touch of prototype metal.

You've heard plenty of it before but rarely can a band pull in people from the Black Sabbath and Jellyfish camps on the same album. Unlike many of the peers, however, it's The Sights' gentler tracks that make you want more – plenty can turn up the amps up to 11 but to write a chorus that'll make you do the same is a gift.

With frontman Eddie Banek still only 21, he's only going to get better at it. And one listen to 'Everyone's a Poet' and the song Supergrass would shave for 'One and Only' suggests we won't have too long to wait.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Don't Want You Back - Be Like Normal - Sorry Revisited - It'd Be Nice (To Have You Around) - One and Only - Got What I Want - Last Chance - Everyone's a Poet - Sick and Tired - Sweet Little Woman - Nobody