XL - 2002 - 60 minutes

If you were disappointed by Air's last album, then Lost Horizons might be for you. Lemon Jelly's staggeringly unoriginal sound is as sweet and soothing as anything by the Versailles duo. Admittedly, they don't put a foot wrong on Lost Horizons. The signature elements are as expertly assembled as a Mercedes-Benz and about as daring.

The acoustic guitars, low-key electronic squelching and quirky vocal samples all wash over you without ever coming close to turning into actual songs. The truth is that Lemon Jelly are desperate not to offend, and this desire to be tasteful, acceptable and nice is the Achilles' heel of Lost Horizons. Only 'The Curse of Ka'zar' and 'Spacewalk' are expansive enough to come close to being exciting.

The reality is that there are far too many mellow, relaxing albums on the market for this one to stand out. Lemon Jelly aren't as quirky as Royskopp or as jazzy as Koop, and both Zero 7 and Blue States make similar records with a lot more heart, passion and talent.

'Lost Horizons' might be the perfect soundtrack for a relaxing Sunday morning with the newspapers but it certainly won't expand your musical horizons.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Elements - Spacewalk - Ramblin' Man - Return To Patagonia - Nice Weather For Ducks - Experiment No. 6 - Closer - The Curse Of Ka'zar