Jade Tree - 2002 - 59 minutes

To write their third album, Jets to Brazil frontman Blake Schwarzenbach spent six weeks alone on a farm in Nova Scotia. But the results are a lot warmer than either the title or preparation suggests.

Long time masters of sadness on record, they still keep that end up but many of the guitar lines are so sweet that better times never sound too far away. It's also their most elaborate collection with mellotrons, lap steels and cellos filling out their skewed rock, and while it should have been trimmed to a tape friendly 45-minutes, Schwarzenbach's lyrics ("If you're leaving walk slow", "I got duct tape all around my heart") make you live as much listen.

They may never again capture the all-by-myself immediacy of their debut – and masterpiece - album 'Orange Rhyming Dictionary' but 'Perfecting Loneliness' eventually becomes a valued friend. Too bad there aren't many more like it.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: The Frequency - You're the One I Want - Cat Heaven - Perfecting Loneliness - Lucky Charm - Wish List - Psalm - Autumn Walker - Further North - William Tell Override - Disgrace - Rocket Boy