Setanta - 2002 - 39 minutes

Simon Dine's wonder work as a songwriter and producer can currently be heard on Paul Weller's latest 'Illumination' and you'd love to think that the people who bought that album will get a chance to hear this one.

Building on the acclaim of his aptly titled debut 'Self Assembly', Dine moves in and out of cinema and soul sounds with such style that a big gig in the former deserves to be his. The spotlight may fall on the quintet of vocalists he's assembled to take 'Surface Noise' through the night - and in particular star in waiting Daisy Martey - but the longer you spend with this album the more you'll be hooked on what Dine's up to underneath.

'Illumination' fans should also know that Weller is one of the five - but the awkward truth for them is that there's so much going on here the album would be just as good without him.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Surface Noise - Go It Alone - That Noonday Sun - Nobody But You - Windmills - Boy Like A Timebomb - Friends Of The Garden (Part 1) - I'll Walk Right On - When I Fall - Friends Of The Garden (Part 2) - Barcelona - Hitch Your Wagon To The Stars - Thunder Park - Closing Time