Hellsquad/V2 - 2002 - 39 minutes

"Seven years in the making and two weeks in the recording..." even the press release for the Datsuns' debut gets right to the point. While Kiwi compatriots The D4 are all about the garage, hair and flares brothers Dolf, Christian, Matt and Phil Datsun peddle some of the sassiest, straight ahead rock to be cranked up in years.

They've been likened to every looker, loon and legend who's loved the riffs over the last 30 years and the biggest compliment you can pay them is that The Datsuns know their record collections. It's not new, it certainly isn't pretty but there's so much spirit burning off the grooves you can forgive their stylus getting stuck on the big albums of the past.

It's a blur at first and a blast soon after as you untangle the solos, slow bits and screams from each song and wonder just how much sweat drips from the walls when they play. Cool but never calculating, "it's all about looking good!" wails Dolf at one point. But that's way too modest an assessment of what's going on here.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Sittin' Pretty - MF From Hell - Lady - Harmonic Generator - What Would I Know - At Your Touch - Fink For the Man - In Love - You Build Me Up (To Bring Me Down) - Freeze Sucker