Warp - 2002 - 59 minutes

'Mind Elevation' is a direct follow-on from its two predecessors, 'Carboot Soul' and 'Smokers Delight'. This latest release plods through familiar downbeat territory, with opener 'Mind Eye' revisiting 'Carboot Soul's first track, but without mirroring its beauty and allure.

This downbeat, Rizla-licking genre is now as over-populated and mined-out as the infamous "trip-hop" of the late Nineties became, and George Evelyn's strategy for breaking out of the ghetto appears to be enlisting vocalists and taking some tentative steps in other directions.

'Know My Name' sounds like a 70s source track for a Jurassic 5 sample, chunky, funky, but in the end, just a little too lightweight and passionless to convince. 'Thinking Of Omara' showcases another sound - smooth dub that sorely lacks the chaotic appeal of the best stoned reggae songs.

There are a few highlights on 'Mind Elevation', the amusing nostalgic toasting of '70s 80s', and the infectious rhythm patterns of 'BBH' being the best, but overall the album is far below Evelyn's previous standards and strays too far into the middle of the road. If you really want your mind elevated then look elsewhere.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Mind Eye - Say-Say - Thinking Of Omara - Date With Destiny - Bleu My Mind - Environment - Soul Ho - Humble - 70s 80s - Know My Name - BBH - Mirrorball - Thoughts