Parlophone - 2002 - 40 minutes

They may not have the mystique or mouths of other outfits, but Supergrass remain one of the most intriguing bands to survive the British music press. Eight years on, four albums in and they still sound as enthusiastic as when 'Caught by the Fuzz' first whizzed onto the radio or 'Alright' soundtracked the summer of '95.

They can do singalongs better than any of their peers - and make it seem easier than tuning up - but have the chops (musical not facial) to stand out as serious players also. 'LOOP' again finds them serving up both, 12 songs in 40 minutes but with the spectres of filler or rush never in earshot.

Combining their charges through a chorus with a lazy West Coast sound (courtesy of Beck and Air producer Tony Hoffer), you always feel that here's a band who'd cut it as well in the Old Grey Whistle Test studio as on the Top of the Pops stage. Best of all, in classic low key style, you won't hear Gaz & Co shouting about how enjoyable their album is. That's your side of the deal.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Za - Rush Hour Soul - Seen the Light - Brecon Beacons - Can't Get Up - Evening of the Day - Never Done Nothing Like That Before – Funniest Thing - Grace - LA Song - Prophet 15 - Run