2002 - 19 minutes

The only thing you'll have to forgive about this band is the name. Get past it, and there's much to enjoy. Available only over their dotcom site, My Woolly Hat's music references the likes of Crowded House, the vocals of Jeff Buckley and a legion of singer songwriters, but the musicianship ensures it never comes across as a rehash.

Recorded in just a day and split between the uptempo and downbeat, the standout is piano closer 'Whisper Getting Louder', which nestles somewhere between heartening and haunting. But all the tracks here will grow on you as will the feeling that it's a shame you can't walk into a shop and throw your money over the counter for them. Maybe that's something they should really think about if they get around to doing an album proper.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: At the Gate - There's Love in This Room - So Long, Fear - Spectacularly Dead - Whisper Getting Louder