Konstantin - 2002 - 45 minutes

These days it's not often you'll lament an album for being too short, but that's a sigh you'll breathe time and time again with this one.

The name chosen by former Plague Monkeys duo Carol Keogh and Donal O'Mahony and Jimmy Cake man Diarmuid Mac Diarmada for their debut album – that of a Danish astronomer - is wilfully obscure, the tracks on it are anything but.

While Keogh's vocals are unmistakable there's a level of fooling around here which was never part of the Plague Monkeys. It's an album that's both playful ('Hooga Chakka' 'Listless') and serious ('Your House From Mine', 'Unplanned') and has the intimacy big bands waste even bigger cheques trying to capture. There's no set sound or pieces and you get the feeling that this band can steer itself any way and with anyone its trio so desire.

Definitely one to listen to and see stars.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Half Mast - Internal Life of Animals - Scissors - Hooga Chakka - Cardle and Machinery - Emily is Going - Your House From Mine - Listless - Unplanned - Ink in the Moon's Milk - Performing Seal - Pop Rocks - Tycho Brahe - Now Here