Hellcat – 2002 – 31 minutes

As mainman with the Agnostic Front, Roger Miret has sung and survived his way through the New York Hardcore community for over two decades.

With the 'Front's stock as scene godfathers never higher - and kids worldwide delving back into punk history thanks to namechecks from today's platinum sellers - now comes Miret's chance to show a new generation, and probably an old one, the type of music that got him going as a teenager.

Recalling the likes of The Clash, Buzzcocks and SLF, the quartet charge through 14 songs in 31 minutes on an album that would've measured up 25 years ago. There's an enthusiasm here that puts bands half Miret's age to shame and convinces you that this side project might have a quite a bit of life in it. You won't hear these songs on MTV. More's the pity.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Run Johnny Run – Kiss Kiss Kill Kill – Give 'Em the Boot – Radio, Radio – It's Alright – Boys Will be Boys – Screw You – Smash it Up – Punch the Clock – Gal Friend – Just Us – Breakaway – Look at Me – New York Belongs to Me