Touch and Go - 2002 - 51 minutes

For every Flaming Lips that prove the opposite, ever get the feeling that some outfits are just too weird for your/their own good? You buy the record for that one great track but in the weeks that follow the sinking feeling grows that it's the only one you'll ever listen to again. It happens - but not with Enon.

Sure, they're never the same band from song to song but in their eclecticism, which takes in everything from new wave keyboards to big guitars and oriental pop, they make sure that they balance the out-there with the memorable. It's a spirit that the Beastie Boys made their own and on the catchier-than-the-charts-have-been-in-years 'Disposable Parts' and Salt's 'Kim Wilde in Electro Frenzy' sound, they match them beat for beat.

With loads of seven inch singles, two instrumental albums and at least one new mp3 on their site each month, you get the feeling that in the future Enon could make a new album in a different genre year after year and still have people coming back for more. In the meantime, your new obsession begins here...

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Old Dominion - Count Sheep - In This City - Window Display - Native Numb - Leave it to Rust - Dispensable Parts - Sold! - Shoulder - Pleasure and Privelige - Natural Disasters - Carbonation - Salt - High Society - Diamond Raft