Wichita - 2002 - 30 minutes

After what seemed like a neverending series of singles and eps, The Pattern get round to their debut proper and the challenge of sustaining their three-minute surges over 30.

Living up to the title with every chord, they pare down almost every track to the simplest sound and the rawest emotions. But while it's never less than a rush, there is also too much trust placed in one tempo. What 'Real Feelness' lacks is the space to breathe, something which closer 'Rangefinder' proves The Pattern do have within them.

The riffs are great but to rise above they need the imagination to equal their intensity. There are plenty of outfits doing garage rock right now and hundreds more in back catalogue land, The Pattern do it as good anyone - but they should settle for more.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Fragile Awareness - You or You - Nothing of Value - Thunder Us - Mary's Sister - Selling Submarines - She's a Libra - Last Night Called - Let's Get Important - The Best Hate the Rest - Happy Song - Rangefinder