Warners - 2002 - 47 minutes

Glassjaw's 2000 debut, 'Everything You Wanted to Know About Silence', gave huge hints that they could be world-beaters. Since then we've had the Deftones' 'The White Pony', Rival Schools' 'United by Fate' plus a handful of other great albums but Glassjaw haven't moved on.

While this record resounds with frustration, it's nothing to what you feel as you sit through it. Glassjaw have stunning downbeat interludes, but too often they ruin them with a bludgeon that could be the work of anyone. While a few years back you were hoping that they'd turn into metal's answer to Mogwai now you just want them to go back home, turn down the guitars and rethink the whole thing.

Being on a major label now may win more fans, but Glassjaw had far bigger crowds there for the taking and one listen to 'Must've Run All Day' shows just how average the rest of the album is. No disaster, but definitely a band on hold.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Tip Your Bartender - MU Empire - Cosmopolitan Bloodloss - Ape Dos Mil - Pink Roses - Must've Run All Day - Stuck Pig - Radio Cambodia - The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports - Trailer Park Jesus - Two Tabs of Mescaline