Universal - 2002 - 63 minutes

Alison Moorer arrived with her 1998 song 'A Soft Place to Fall' from the movie 'The Horsewhisperer', but if you hadn't heard from her since or didn't like the song's pure country then maybe you should stick around. Because Moorer, who has carved out quite a career in Nashville, seems to have turned towards another Tennessee city for some of Miss Fortune's inspiration: Memphis.

While the trademark twang is still high up, the likes of 'Tumbling Down' and 'Steal the Sun' have a soul power which shines through the sheen and suggests that if she stripped this whole album back to her and a piano she could light up the dimmest after hours joint.

Sure, some of the rockier tracks glue her into genre music but overall 'Miss Fortune' is a great example of an artist pushing herself in new directions. And while Moorer's next album will need more uncharted trips, you get the feeling that it could eclipse anything she accomplishes here.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Tumbling Down - Cold in California - Let Go - Ruby Jewel Was Here - Can't Get There From Here - Steal the Sun - Up This High - Hey Jezebel - Mark My Word - No Place for a Heart - Yessirree - Going Down - Dying Breed - Bully Jones