Setanta - 2002 - 50 minutes

There was a (very) brief moment when it looked like Cork pop might just manage to take over the world. With both The Frank and Walters and fellow Corkonians The Sultans of Ping bouncing around in the charts with their paeans to love ('After All') and loss ('Where's Me Jumper') in 1992, the sky was the limit...until both bands practically disappeared off the face of the planet.

The Sultans played their last gig one messy night in Cork's Sir Henrys during 1997 and have laid low ever since, but The Franks kept on going – releasing four albums in total, playing semi-regularly and being slowly forgotten by all but the most ardent fans. Pity, 'cos they've managed to keep producing quirky, hook-laden songs, 13 of which are collected together here.

Although the undoubted highlights are from first album 'Trains, Boats and Planes' - 'This Is Not a Song', 'Walter's Trip', 'After All', 'Fashion Crisis Hits New York', 'Daisy Chain' – there's also the pure pop of 'Plenty Times', the thumping beats on 'Underground', and the angst of 'How Can I Exist' and 'Time We Said Goodbye' to make up the balance from more recent releases.

Although their public may have been distracted by the ways and workings of this world, the Franks still stand steadfast in the face of fashion and this collection is an unmissable reminder of just how damn good they are. Poptastic.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: Colours - Plenty Times - Fashion Crisis Hits New York - This is not a Song - How Can I Exist - New York - After All - Walters Trip - Indian Ocean - Underground - Daisy Chain - Time We Said Goodnight - Tony Cochrane