Warners - 2002 - 61 minutes

The success of Linkin Park's debut, 'Hybrid Theory', probably left some hefty sweat stains on Fred Durst's baseball cap but those who've worn out their speakers playing it need something while the wait for album number two proper continues. Which is where 'Reanimation' comes in, gathering hip-hop players (Kutmasta Kurt, Pharoahe Monch) and metal peers (Korn's Jonathan Davis, Orgy's Jay Gordon and Staind's Aaron Lewis) and letting them have their way with 'Hybrid Theory'.

Durst & Co tried the same thing at the tail end of last year with their 'New Old Songs' opus, but whereas that sounded half-baked and hasty, 'Reanimation' is better than most 'holding records' deserve to be. Turning up either the guitars, screams or decks, it's an interesting companion piece to the album that fuelled it - dense and taking some time to make sense.

Admittedly, it can sound a little samey in places but the interpretations of the likes of 'In the End' and 'Frighten' are every beat as interesting as the originals. Indeed even those who can't stand Linkin Park might find something they can enjoy on 'Reanimation'. Although it's doubtful that the Chicago boys will be losing much sleep either way because it's really hard to see their fans reaching into their chain wallets for this one.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Opening - Pts. of. Athrty - Endthe E Nd - Chali - Frgt/10 - P5hng Me A*Wy - Plc.4 Mie Haed - X-Ecutioner Style - H! Vltg3 - Riff Raff - Wth> You - Ntr/Mssion - Ppr:Kut - Rnw@y - My