MCA - 2002 - 49 minutes

In 2000 it was Blink 182, in 2001 Sum 41 and now it looks like New Found Glory will be this year's pop punk champions.

The difference is that while the 182 and 41 crews like their pranks, New Found Glory take their break-ups very seriously. And on 'Sticks and Stones' the Florida quintet prove themselves to be some of the unluckiest - but catchiest men - in love.

Singer Jordan Pudnik has a better wounded voice than most of his peers and virtually ever track here could - and probably will - be released as a single sometime in the next 18 months.

She might never call again, but after this you can get bet that the stadiums will.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Understatement - My Friends Over You - Sonny - Something I Call Personality - Head on Collision - It's Been a Summer - Forget My Name - Never Give Up - The Great Houdini - Singled Out - Belated - The Story So Far - Anniversary - Forget Everything - The Story So Far (Acoustic)