Melodic - 2002 - 54 minutes

For the last couple of years, Manchester imprint Melodic has been releasing

high quality, low fuss records that seem to take more and more time to prise

off your record player. The tail end of 2001 brought us the Minotaur Shock album and now comes a sampler guaranteed to open you even further to all sorts of electro bonhomie.

Label lynchpins like Minotaur and Pedro are put alongside tracks by unknowns like Noakes Pressure and Dreams of Tall Buildings that wowed Melodic last year and there's even an appearance from Arab Strap frontman Aiden Moffat's alter-ego Lucky Pierre.

It's all smooth, all smart and takes a little while to sink it, but when it does the likes of 'Feel Tied Down' and ' Daylight' will seem like they've been a lifetime in coming. Some secrets are just too good to keep to yourself.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Pedro: Lay Down Mega Man (Broadway Project Remix) - Topo Giglo: Locked Out - Tex La Homa: Feel Tied Down - Pedro: Seven Eight - Chessie: Daylight - Empire State: The Elements of a Wish - Bronze Age Fox:

Real Nudies - Balkonour: Weather Clicker: - Noakes Pressure: Weaves Tickling the Ivories... - Lucky Pierre: Down, Burst & Tired - Minotaur Shock: Lady Came from the Baltic Wharf - Dreams of Tall Buildings: Stephanie