Independent - 2002 - 52 minutes

A selection of tracks that have emerged in some shape or format from the Dublin underground in the last 12 months - as well as a couple of exclusives - 'Kicking Against...Nuggets From The New Irish Overground' is an eclectic overview of a time and a place in the independent music world.

Ranging from gentle country music - Goodtime John's 'For The Girls Back Home' - through electronica sweetened with dash of soul on Decal's 'Waiting All Along', and Irish forays into hip-hop by Creative Control on 'Bloodrush', 'Kicking Against...' certainly manages to manages to cover all the bases. It's a snapshot of a phenomenally healthy-looking - although predominantly Dublin-centred - scene.

If you're interested in Irish music, you probably already have many of the albums - 'For The Birds', 'Brains', 'The Big Romance' - but if not, this is the best introduction you could possibly have to old scenesters like the Frames, the Jimmy Cake's mad ensemble and David Kitt's beat-driven take on folk music.

For the most, it's a round up of the usual suspects - but a pretty damn good one at that.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: David Kitt: You Know What I Want To Know, The Frames: Fighting On The Stairs, Goodtime John: For The Girls Back Home, The Last Post: Only Thing That Eases The Pain, The Redneck Manifesto: The Dillon Family Dancers, Decal: Waiting (All Along), David Kitt: Whispers Return The Sun, Rest The Moon (Demo), Jape: I Spend Too Much Time At Conferences, Warlords Of Pez: Padre Pio, Creative Controle: Bloodrush, The Frames: Tomorrow's Too Long, The Jimmy Cake: This Used To Be The Future plus videos from Warlords of Pez: Padre Pio and Creative Controle: Bloodrush