Mushroom - 2002 - 40 minutes

Two years on from their debut 'Bastinado' and five minutes into 'My Medicine' you'll be convinced that this is the album Wilt should've released back in the summer of 2000. It's stronger, it's smarter and the hooks go deeper with each listen.

Always able to bed down a chorus with a riff, frontman Cormac Battle & Co have put together an album that works from opening chords to fade out, a sprinkling of hit singles but no filler tracks.

Curiously if anything lets it down it's the sheen of the production, a rougher sound was better suited to the cranky lyrics and would've given songs like 'Dave You Were Right' and 'Family Man' a far edgier feel.

Still, it's great to hear a record that has a smile for daytime radio but has enough mischief to give it two fingers at the same time. Who knows what they'll come up with two years down the line.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Distortion - Understand - Take Me Home - My Medicine - Stations - Dave, You Were Right - Tell You Too Much - Family Man - Wait a Minute - Broken Glass - The Plan