Burning Heart - 2002 - 56 minutes

Love the Hives album? Bought all the Stooges masterpieces on mid price? Look like the first six AC/DC records aren't leaving your speakers any time soon? Only one thing left to do: up the dosage.

For years Swedish label Burning Heart have been firing out bands to be worshipped by worldwide. They were the ones who first gave us The Hives, championed the now defunct Refused and now they've come up with a compilation that smokes all the competition.

Reading like a who's who of no-nonsense, 'How We Rock' is a 20-point plan to upset the neighbours and introduce you to a brand new circle of noisy friends. Every player is here, from Norwegian denim demons Turbonegro and their pizza restaurant homage 'The Age of Pamparius' to Stockholm hipsters The (International) Noise Conspiracy and across the world to those bad men The Dwarves and scene godfathers Rocket From the Crypt.

It's a collection just begging you to develop tinnitus listening and while there's a million garage rock compilations out there this, as Nigel Tufnel would say, is one louder.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Turbonegro: The Age of Pamparius - Zeke: Live Wire - The Hives: Main Offender - New Bomb Turks: Continental Cats - Dwarves: How It's Done - The Peepshows: Never Say No - The Donnas: 40 Boys in 40 Nights - The Hellacopters: Truckloads of Nuthin - The (International) Noise Conspiracy: Up for Sale - Puffball: High Powered - Supersuckers: Shake it Off - Electric Frankenstein: NY Knights - Sahara Hotnights: Alright, Alright (Here's My Fist Where's the Fight?) - Rocket From the Crypt: Straight American Slave - Gluecifer: I Got a War - Randy: Cheater - Gotohells: Piece of the Sun - Danko Jones: Bounce