Infectious - 2002 - 39 minutes

From Auckland, New Zealand and powered by every great garage record ever unleashed, The D4 join the likes of The Hellacopters, Turbonegro and Rocket from the Crypt as premier exponents of string-mauling raaaawk!

With everything turned up to party soundtrack volume, the quartet shreds and storms through one fuzzed out anthem after another - not delicate, not pretty but more than enough to make you want to scuff your shoes, dirty your jeans and grow sideburns that are a haircut in themselves.

It's difficult to care about what they're singing outside of the chorus, but those age-old issues of money, the ladies and the weekend are all there in between the yelps and solos. And even with the presence of three covers (Johnny Thunders' 'Pirate Love', the Scavengers' 'Mysterex' and Guitar Wolf's 'Invader Ace'), every track burns with the feeling that they just came up with it the night before.

Sounds like The Hives aren't going to have it all their own way.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Rocknroll Mothf****r - Party - Come On! - Pirate Love - Running on Empty - Ladies Man - Invader Ace - Little Baby - Rebekah - Mysterex - Exit to the City - Heartbreaker