Camcor – 2002 – 51 minutes

With '24 Star Hotel' sitting for two years in a drawer in his home, you have to ask whether Mundy is a very patient man or if he just didn't realise how special some of the songs on his second album are. Having parted ways with the major label he was signed to, he's put the record out himself and there's more than enough here to say that he'll enjoy the same success as recent others who've gone it alone.

There may not be many tracks that scream daytime radio, but there are a handful which highlight someone growing ever more into their craft. He works best when everything is low key – as evidenced by standouts 'July' and 'Healthy'. When he turns up the guitars on the likes of 'Addicted', 'Mexico' and 'Mayday' his sound loses something, these tracks only serving to show how strong the songs surrounding them are.

A minor moot point though, when you listen from start to finish and as benefits someone who's gone through the industry ringer and come out the other side, he manages to sound delicate, defiant and all the better for it.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Rainbow - Drive - Addicted - Anchor the Sun - July - Linchpin - Healthy - Rescue Remedy - The Last Time - Mexico - Mayday - Birdseed and Trash