Polydor - 2002 - 54 minutes

It's 2002, it's album number two for Ronan Keating, and I think it's safe to say there's little or no chance of a Boyzone reunion at this stage. Keating is well on his way to creating a credible reputation for himself and a strong solo career to boot, who would have thought he'd be collaborating with the likes of Paul Brady or even Sir Elton?

Until now, Keating has chosen the right path, and along with co-writer Gregg Alexander (ex-New Radicals), has released some convincing, and powerful, radio-friendly pop-anthems. There's more of this to be heard on 'Destination', but there are some modifications since his self-titled debut. Keating’s voice finally seems to have settled, it’s smoother but still gritty and 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' gives him three-and-a-half minutes to show it off to full effect.

Covering a Garth Brooks track is a strange move, ruffling a few feathers in the fan base and going against Keating’s determined effort to write (or, at least, co-write) his own material. Nevertheless, 'Destination' still holds on to the now-familiar piano and guitar sound that powered his previous singles into the Top Ten.

Taking an If-It-Ain't-Broke-Don't-Fix-It attitude, Keating sticks to the upbeat, anthemic mood of previous singles 'Life Is A Rollercoaster' and 'Lovin Each Day'. It seems to work, but gets a bit tired towards the end of the album. There are a couple of potential hits here, including the catchy 'I Love It When We Do' and the superbly distinctive 'My One Thing That's Real'.

The first five or six tracks show potential, but the urge to eject the CD comes too soon, especially with the arrival of Lulu on their cover of Bob Seger's 'We've Got Tonight'. Ronan hasn’t yet reached his true destination, but he's getting there.

David Byrne

Tracklisting: I Love It When We Do - Love Don't Work (If We Don't Try) - If Tomorrow Never Comes - Come Be My Baby - Lovin' Each Day - My One Thing That's Real - Time For Love - Blown Away - As Much As I Can Give You Girl - Joy & Pain - The Long Goodbye - I Got My Heart On You (UK Bonus Track)