4AD – 2002 – 37 minutes

It's a testament to the affection The Breeders are held in that nine years since their last record, people haven't forgotten about Kim and Kelley Deal and are queuing up for 'Title TK'.

Those expecting anything quite as singalong as 1993's 'Last Splash' album however, would be well advised to adjust their expectations sideways. 'Title TK' is a rougher creation, recalling their debut 'Pod' more than the chart success they enjoyed with songs like 'Cannonball' and 'Divine Hammer'. However, the album is a grower, with the tag team vocals of the Deals working their way into your head and refusing to leave.

With Steve Albini at the controls, Deal comes up with some of the most heartfelt songs of her career – the likes of 'Off You' and 'T and T' revealing a level of poignancy that gets sadder and better with every listen. It's not the all amps roaring comeback that many wanted but 'Title TK' has a great low-key charm and the indie throne is there for The Breeders' taking once again. If they really want it.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Little Fury - London Song - Off You - The She - Too Alive - Son of Three - Put on a Side - Full On Idle - Sinister Foxy - Forced to Drive - T and T - Huffer