Mute - 2002 - 71 minutes

The irony of his cheesy grin on the cover won't be lost on anyone who makes it through the 18 tracks and 71 minutes of Moby's latest. Three years and ten million albums on from the coffee-shop conquering 'Play' and Moby has given his fans plenty to listen to - it's just a pity that it's such a downbeat, familiar experience.

Sounding so much like its predecessor than you wonder why he didn't call it 'Replay', there are loads of chillout beats with regular doses of the trouble man/woman vocals over them - great if you're a fan but even then you'll admit you've heard it before. What '18' needed was to be called '10' and have plenty of judicious trimming by its creator.

There are a handful of great songs here, the space rock of opener 'We Are All Made of Stars', the begging-for-a-TV-series-to-be-made around it beat of 'Extreme Ways', the epic 'Sunday', 'Another Woman', 'Signs of Love'... but they only serve to show up how average the rest of the track are.

Even the guest spots by the likes of Sinead O'Connor, Angie Stone and MC Lyte don't really add to the proceedings and you're left wondering how Moby will view and hear this album three years down the line. He's proved more than anyone that he's not afraid to move between genres - he needs to go on his travels again.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: We Are All Made Of Stars - In This World - In My Heart -Great Escape - Signs Of Love - One Of These Mornings - Another Woman - Fireworks - Extreme Ways - Jam For The Ladies - Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday) - 18 - Sleep Alone - At Least We Tried - Harbour - Look Back In - Rafters - I'm Not Worried At All