Columbia – 2002 – 57 minutes

With the movie star looks, it's hardly surprising that Pete Yorn is on the cover of his debut album. But what's inside should calm any reservations in roughly three minutes. He takes the narrative sweep of fellow New Jersey man Springsteen, introduces it to English wistfulness (some of the chords recall the halcion days of indie so much that you'll find a lump in your throat) and sets himself up as a songwriter to be reckoned with.

Yorn loves his electric and acoustic guitars in equal measure and as a result 'music…' has a spikiness to it which gives the likes of 'Murray' (about Brian Wilson's Dad), and Sense (written after seeing 'The Sixth Sense') a much more dynamic feel. He's found himself lumped in with Ryan Adams but while they both love rockers and ballads, Yorn's tunes are poppier and the likes of 'Just Another Girl' and 'Life on a Chain' could find him in record collections he never expected to be in.

For a first album, this is really stirring stuff. Many will say that Yorn is going to get even better, but you'd have to wonder how – by the sounds of these songs he has it all already. Waking up with this album is a treat, turning out the lights to it isn't half bad either.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Life on a Chain - Strange Condition - Just Another - Black - Lose You - For Nancy ('Cos It Already Is) - Murray - June - Sense - Closet - On Your Side - Sleep Better - EZ - Simonize