Geographic - 2002 - 56 minutes

Everyone loves survivors. As mainman with Half Japanese and as a solo artist, Jad Fair's been travelling his own peculiar trail for over 20 years. Teenage Fanclub, meanwhile have managed to outlive nearly every band that grew up with them.

Becoming a tag team for one record may be the greatest early Christmas gift for people who never got over a school crush, but there's plenty for the rest of us to like too. And while the whole album is an in-and-out of love concept, it's so quirky yet unaffected that you won't mind hearing the same old stories again and again.

Acres of rainforest have been devoted over the years to the fact that Jad is no standout singer, yet the everyman quality of his delivery is far more endearing than annoying. His Glaswegian backing band meanwhile, churn out some of the best arrangements in their history, lovelorn or upbeat and always with the hazy, jangly guitars to the fore. The results are no head-over-heels rush, but like their subject matter, you'll find yourself drawn into these songs when you least expect it.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Behold the Miracle - I Feel Fine - Near to You - Smile - Crush on You - Love Will Conquer - Power of Your Tenderness - Vampire's Claw - Secret Heart - You Rock - Love's Taken Over - The Good Thing