Rough Trade Records – 2002 – 36 minutes

Former vocalist with Welsh band the 60ft Dolls, Richard Parfitt has stepped out on his own for debut album 'Highlights in Slow Motion'. This short collection of pleasant, but unremarkable, songs adds little to the already oversubscribed canon of singer-songwriters rising, like so many guitar-laden phoenixes, from the ashes of former bands.

'Highlights in Slow Motion' is a mixture of love songs ('Freckles of Gold'), sad moments ('Wish I Was With You') and romantic tunes that seem to have fallen from the Bryan Adams songbook ('What We Talk About') – but there's little here that would make you return after one listen. Great voice, pity about the lack of imagination.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: Downtown - Stone Honey – Summergliding - Highlights In Slow Motion - What We Talk About - Wish I Was With You - Let Love In - Morning Star - Freckles Of Gold - I Took That Woman Home Last Night