Virgin Records – 2002 – 50 minutes

There was a time when guitar rock was on its last legs. I think it was the same time that the Internet was due to replace television and newspapers. Since then, the dot-com bubble has burst and the guitar has stormed back to the top of the musical agenda.

Gomez are touted as one of the leading lights of Britrock, scooping the 1999 Mercury Prize with their debut album and generally receiving favourable reviews for their blues-tinged and melodic sound.

Sadly, 'In Our Gun' awoke my fears for the future of the guitar. Gomez are utterly pedestrian and predictable. The band's three equally undistinguished vocalists deny Gomez a defined personality or sound. If you can write a great pop song then this is not a problem, but the songs on 'In Our Gun' are bland to the point of nausea.

This record will probably be hugely successful. There is a large, global audience for anodyne emasculated rock music, as the success of Ocean Colour Scene and the Corrs show. If you are looking for an inoffensive sound to play on your new car stereo than 'In Our Gun' might suit perfectly. If you are looking for music, then look elsewhere.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Shot Shot - Rex Kramer - Detroit Swing 66 - In Our Gun - Even Song - Ruff Stuff - Sound of Sounds - Army Dub - Miles End - Ping One Down - 1000 Times - Drench - Ballad of Nice and Easy