Telegram Records - 2002 - 55 minutes

The soundtrack? Lots of Who and Stones, some Beach Boys and Byrds. The Gothenburg group with the great name started off as cult rockers Union Carbide Productions (fans: Kurt Cobain, Peter Buck, Sonic Youth) before losing some members, gaining others and adopting their current mouthful in 1994. Since then they've managed to embarrass most of their US and UK peers on a regular basis, releasing acclaimed albums but somehow remaining a band's band.

'Behind the Music' could well change all that however, containing half a dozen singles and still managing to hang together as an album. The beat and riff of opener 'Infra Riot' seem set to be recycled for years to come while the songs that follow jump from swagger ('21st Century Rip Off') to sadness ('Tonight') yet always with a chorus to keep you hooked.

There are moments when they sound like the world's greatest covers band and with 15 songs it's just a little too long, but you'd like to think that Noel and Liam were the first in the queue to buy a copy.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Infra Riot - Sister Surround - In Someone Else's Mind - Mind the Gap - Broken Imaginary Time - 21st Century Rip Off - Tonight - Keep the Line Movin' - Nevermore - Independent Luxury - Ten Years Ahead - Still Aging - In Your Veins - The Flood - Into the Next Sun