Warp - 2002 - 66 minutes

Boards of Canada have a lot to answer for. Four years ago the duo's debut album, 'Music Has the Right to Children', sent 50,000 people scurrying to their rooms, only to emerge months later - and never the same again. Now it seems that more headphone hibernation, by an even bigger audience, is on the cards.

A more confident and diverse record than what went before, 'Geogaddi' sees Marcus Eoin and Michael Sandison thaw their grooves to create an almost cuddly form of electronica - even the cover is bright red where 'Music's was glacial blue. It's also an album that could give them quite a few singles if they so desire.

'1969' may arrive 24 years too late to bring the aliens down from the skies in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' but it's their classiest moment, ripe for remixing and the soundtrack treatment. It's run close though by 'Alpha and Omega' - which should have your Dad wondering whether you've dusted off the Jean-Michel Jarre albums in the attic, and the 80's gloss and groove of 'Julie and Candy'.

Thousands may exist in this genre but 'Geogaddi' is a classic example of an outfit staying one beat ahead and has all the smarts to demand a Mercury Music Prize nomination at the year's end. These Boards are made for lounging, and that's just what you'll do.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Ready Lets Go - Music is Math - Beware the Friendly Stranger - Gyroscope - Dandelion - Sunshine Recorder - In the Annexe - Julie and Candy - The Smallest Weird Number - 1969 - Energy Warning - The Beach at Redpoint - Opening the Mouth - Alpha and Omega - I Saw Drones - The Devil is in the Details - A is to B as B is to C - Over the Horizon Radar - Dawn Chorus - Diving Station - You Could Feel the Sky - Corsair - Magic Window