Domino Records – 2002 – 40 minutes

Liverpool quartet Clinic were luckier than most when their debut album, 'Internal Wrangler', got considerable airplay on Thom Yorke's headphones in 2000. Such was its impact on the Radiohead front man that Clinic were asked to support Oxford's finest on their Kid A tour in Europe and Asia. If not a dream start, at least a damn lucky one.

'Walking With Thee', although not without its dull patches, also finds the masked Mersey men on solid form. The sinister allure of opener 'Harmony' immediately draws you in, its staccatoed keyboard motif anchoring its atmospheric dynamic. The pulsating title track has shades of the Doors and the Velvet Underground, while the gentle moonlight reverie of closing track 'For The Wars' leaves you reaching for the repeat button.

At just 40 minutes, this avoids most of the pitfalls that beset longer, drawn out albums, and ultimately proves a worthy second outing. Like a game of hide-and-seek in the dark it grabs you when you least expect it, and leaves you at once unnerved and excited. "It's wonderful with you," sings Ade Blackburn on 'Come Into Our Room' – his Yorkeness would probably agree it's not bad in this Clinic either.

Tom Grealis

Tracklisting: Harmony – The Equaliser – Welcome – Walking With Thee – Pet Eunoch – Mr. Moonlight – Come Into Our Room – The Vulture – The Bridge – Sunlight Bathes Our Home – For The Wars